Inspiration for The Middle collection comes from the inside. For Arrey there has always been something more; always a drive that is pushing her for more. She spent a lot of years trying to find her middle. Arrey didn’t find it in a place where most people find it; she found it in be­tween extremes, which were seen in her previous collections sober and avant-garde. Arrey’s previous collections have always been an inspiration from the outside, this collection comes from the inside, from her middle. ‘It’s not just about the moment it is beyond the moment. It is The Middle.

Harmony and peace

The fabrics are soft and flowing, with shapes and movements like the ocean. In this collection we find the perfect balance between darkness and a lightheartedness that’s almost nostalgic. Her new collection The Middle symbolizes harmony and peace, which can be seen in her designs. The fluent lines bring forth that she has now find her own middle and hopes to inspire the woman who wears their clothes to find their middle.


At the age of five, Arrey made her own first skirt, recycled from an old pair of pants. With this success she discovered her passion for fashion. In tradition of her family, she was expected to study, so she studied Linguistics. But during her study she still found time to pursue her pas­sion. Arrey’s credo has always been ‘’be unusual, be outstanding’’. She designs clothes that make people happy, that brings smile on their faces. Arrey has consistently been working with the interdisciplinary potential of both fashion and fine art for the past ten years.

In 2005 Arrey created her own brand Arrey Kono, in that same year, without any great expecta­tions she showcased at the CPD Düsseldorf. To her amazement, she found herself present in 42 shops worldwide within 3 days. In 2006 Arrey opened her concept store in the heart of Berlin in the Hackesche Höfe. In 2015, the brand name is changed to Arrey taking the brand into a new direction.

‘’I never regretted a decision, because I always knew that there was a door leading to better and bigger possibilities. When you challenge life, you can find all the extremes. At the end I want to look back happily and think that the ride was just amazing.’’- Arrey”